Electronic project application form

The Human Brain Project (HBP) offers in the context of the Interactive Computing E-Infrastructure (ICEI) project access to compute and storage resources of the Fenix infrastructure. Applications may be submitted by researchers of the HBP core project, of its Partnering Projects, by EBRAINS services providers or other researchers and groups if they contribute to research topics within the broader scope of the HBP.

Please fill in all the requested information before submitting your proposal. The resource request will be shared within the Human Brain Project (HBP) Consortium as necessary for its evaluation and may be submitted to external reviewers. Information on resource requests granted will be included in ICEI deliverables with dissemination level 'Confidential, only for members of the consortium (including the Commission Services)'. Applicants are advised to provide comprehensive and self-contained information to facilitate the proposal evaluation. The level of detail should be chosen according to the amount of requested resources. In case of lacking information, the applicants may be asked to provide additional information.

For additional information regarding the allocation process please visit the website https://fenix-ri.eu/access.

Further information and support can be requested by contacting the ICEI project management office (icei-coord@fz-juelich.de).

Based on availability of resources at different sites, please take into consideration that HBP-ICEI proposals can be received until June 2023 for resources requested at CSCS, CINECA and BSC, until August 2023 for resources requested at CEA and JSC.

Please use your institutional email address to login to speed up the account creation process once resources have been granted to you. Most sites only accept such institutional email addresses for account creation.

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